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Garlic Bulbs from Green Farms Cam

One of the simplest and most satisfying crops to raise in the garden is garlic. You will be rewarded with zesty, rich flavors and variety that you won’t get at just any grocery store. It requires minimal room and maintenance. Gurney’s has been supplying garlic bulbs to gardeners for decades and has a large assortment of garlic bulbs. Our test gardens are used to cultivate garlic seeds, and we only provide the best types in terms of flavor and garden performance.

Choosing the Right Garlic Bulb

Do you want to purchase garlic bulbs but don’t know where to begin? Here are some fundamentals to help you choose garlic for your garden. There are two varieties of garlic available: hardneck and softneck. Hardneck grows well in colder areas and has a center stalk, or scape. Southern climates are ideal for softneck performance, which also yields more cloves than hardneck cultivars when braided. Garlic bulbs possess a diverse variety of flavors, from mild to spicy to hot, which is why many gardeners like to cultivate multiple varieties.

Getting Started with Garlic Bulbs

Gurney’s provides plump garlic bulbs for sale and delivers them straight to your house, while some gardeners start their garlic from seeds. Decide where you want to plant the garlic bulbs before you purchase them.

How to Plant Garlic Bulbs

Garlic is usually planted in raised beds or gardens around the nation.

How To Plant Garlic Bulbs Indoors

Garlic can be grown indoors, but it won’t produce the big bulbs it does outdoors in the garden where it can withstand the cold. Garlic in pots grown indoors will probably produce milder green shoots than cloves. They will not only make the house seem brighter, but they also give meals a deliciously subtle, garlicky taste. To grow garlic indoors, simply place a few cloves in a pot with potting soil and water. A week or two will pass before green shoots emerge. You can trim the shoots and use them into recipes.

How To Plant Garlic In The Fall

Verify that the dirt is loose. Work old compost into the soil if necessary. Garlic should be planted in rows, with a clove placed around every six inches and two inches deep. Straw covering the garlic helps keep the bulbs safe through the winter and keeps early-season weeds at bay.

When to Plant Garlic Bulbs

After the first frost, garlic is typically sown in the fall. Early spring is another good time to plant garlic.

When to Harvest Garlic Bulbs

When the lower leaves of garlic bulbs begin to turn brown in the summer, they are picked. Once the garlic bulbs have been dug up, let them cure in a warm, draft-free place for three or four weeks. It is best to keep garlic bulbs dry and cold.

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