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An agro-industrial enterprise called Green Farms Cam (GFC) was established in 1999 with the goal of acquiring, developing, and running large plantations of tropical commodities.Under the technical direction of its CEO and board of directors, Green Farms Cam (GFC) is connected to 350 farmer groups.

When the bark of a Hevea rubber tree is partially tapped, a milky liquid seeps out and dries to form a rubbery layer. The biological function of this rubber latex is currently unknown; it may serve various biochemical functions or protect the rubber inner bark to promote wound healing. The small cis-polyisoprene particles, which are high molecular weight linear rubbery polymers with a diameter of around 0.5 micrometers, are suspended in water to form the latex rubber. Rubber makes up about thirty percent of the suspension.

The trunk and branches of the cocoa tree produce pods that are filled with cocoa beans. In order to obtain the wet cocoa beans, ripe pods from the cocoa bean plants must be removed and opened. Using a pointed blade, a clean cut through the stem is made to manually collect the pods.

The main component of chocolate and chocolate-Cocoa tree is the primary ingredient in chocolate and chocolate-based confections. The cocoa beans come from a tropical plant called Theobroma cacao, which is native to the equatorial regions of the Americas. The processed cocoa bean yields the fluid paste, or liquor, that is used to make chocolate and cocoa powder.


The ideal location to purchase herbs and spices online, we provide a wide variety of essential flavorings, culinary staples, and many more “niche” exotic herbs. For the seasoned professional chef, there are bulk purchase choices as well as handy kitchen-stocker bundles. Spice and herb mixes, cooking leaves, curry powders, aromatic herb blends, and a liberal portion of salt and seasonings are all part of our natural and organic product line.

Spices are products made from plants that are used as ingredients in recipes. They improve the taste and scent of many cuisines. Spices not only enhance the flavor of food but also have several health benefits, such boosting immunity or acting as an antioxidant. Among them are cloves, cardamom, onions, and black pepper.

Plant portions that can be consumed are called vegetables. Generally speaking, vegetables are classified according to the portion of the plant that is eaten; examples of this include broccoli flowers, lettuce leaves, celery stems, carrot roots, potatoes tubers, and onion bulbs. A fruit is the ovary of a mature plant.

Suttons produces strong, adaptable, and disease-free vegetable plants. Select your preferred plug plants or potted vegetables without peat that are ready to be put directly into their final locations to enjoy amazing harvests of artichokes, aubergines, or hot chili peppers. Browse our wonderful selection of fruit plants to find grafted apple trees, luscious strawberries, currant plants, and more for even more flavor and color.

White and Yellow Corn flower for sale

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Approximately 10,000 years ago, indigenous peoples in southern Mexico developed maize, a cereal grain. The fruits are kernels and seeds, which are produced by pollen inflorescense called ears on the leafy stalk of the plant.

Its output has surpassed that of wheat and rice, making it a staple in many parts of the world. It can be applied to animal feed, corn ethanol, and other goods made from maize.

Yellow corn is another variety of sweet corn. It may be categorized as a grain, fruit, or vegetable depending on its maturity and intended purpose. Several investigations on white corn led to the development of this variety of maize. To produce pigments known as carotenoids, a single dominant Y allele is required.

ICUMSA-45 sugar is among the most highly refined varieties. The most common kind of sugar that is sold directly to customers is ICUMSA-45, a sparkling white sugar. It is safe for ingestion by humans and can be utilized in many different food applications.

Brazil continues to be the world’s biggest producer of sugarcane as of 2023, handily surpassing the combined output of heavyweights like Australia, Mexico, India, and Thailand. Roughly 50% of sugar exports worldwide originate from Brazil, primarily from the port of Santos.

Extended Shelf Life
It is the purest and can be kept for up to two years in storage because it contains up to 99.8% sucrose. generating enormous profits for importers and purchasers.

Where Can I Get ICUMZA 45?
Our procedure is quite simple. To place an order with us, there aren’t many prerequisites. The staff of our company will make things simple for you. The sugar has been manufactured and is prepared for distribution. Simply get in touch with us.



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For us, fulfilling orders in a timely and efficient manner is crucial and forms the foundation of the services we offer.

Our shipping team is made up of highly skilled individuals that work directly with banks, shipping firms, suppliers, and customers to ensure that paperwork is processed quickly and smoothly and shipments are completed on schedule.

We are extremely proud of our solid track record and standing as a rubber supply chain manager and service provider. We take this very seriously since it has an impact on our reputation. Our shipping and back office processes are the best.

Our comparatively big operational size and scope enable us to build good connections with carriers and forwarders, ensuring that we always receive the best pricing and service from them.

I think agriculture is the ultimate solution for the growing world. That’s why I believe in making hay when the sun shines. It will eventually help us big time.

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