The prompt, efficient execution and delivery of orders is vitally essential to GREEN FARMS CAM and forms the foundation of the services we offer.
Our shipping team is made up of highly skilled individuals that work directly with banks, shipping firms, suppliers, and customers to ensure that paperwork is processed quickly and smoothly and shipments are completed on schedule.
We are extremely proud of our solid track record and standing as a cash crops supply chain manager and service provider. We take this very seriously since it has an impact on our reputation. Our shipping and back office processes are the best.

Our comparatively big operational size and scope enable us to build good connections with carriers and forwarders, ensuring that we always receive the best pricing and service from them.

Grain Crops

We deliver top-tier grain crops like rice, wheat, corn etc to our local or international customers

Green Veggies

Our fresh vegetables are grown in our own farm using pesticides that are harmless to our body.

Cocoa Beans

Cocoa beans are the most sold out products. We have a sustainable process to grow them.


Cloves, White Pepper & Black Pepper and a variety of other dairy products are among our offerings.

Simple Solution To Healthy Food Habit

As we provide fresh and home grown products, you are always welcome to explore our natural product lines and opt for the healthy food habit easily.